WiesnSpecial 2015

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During the Family Days: 22th and 29th of September 2015

The Wiesn-Special is back! Every year the Oktoberfest is something special, an adventure full of joy for the little and older ones. I´d love to capture this memory for you in a portrait.
In addition to high quality prints and digital files, you get personalized postcards (10 x 15 cm) with your favorite motive on it.
Your family and friends will certainly be happy to get your personalized greeting from the Oktoberfest.

Photo session available at each Wiesn Family Day:

Small Wiesn-Special
Ideal for Kids photos and Mom-Kid-Portraits
15 Minutes Photo shooting
5 Postcards 10 x 15 cm
1 h.q. Print 15 x 21 cm
39,90 Euro

Large Wiesn-Special
Ideal for siblings and Family-Portraits
30 Minutes Photo shooting
10 Postcards 10 x 15 cm
3 h.q. Prints 15 x 21 cm incl. Digital files
69,90 Euro

It would be great to hear from you! You can reach me on my mobile at +49 (0) 151 61406240, or mail me at: info@nataliareyesledesma.com.